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You Might Have Artifacts in Your Home: 3 Ways to Know If You Own Something That Could be Exhibited

Updated: Apr 25, 2023

By: Lizbeth Colocho

Did you know that most artifacts exhibited at the Galveston County Museum have been donated by residents? It’s probably a little difficult to believe that an object, a photograph, a painting, or a piece of clothing, sitting in your closet could be part of a museum exhibit telling the history of Galveston County, but it’s possible! Galveston County Museum prides itself in telling the history of Galveston County exclusively, and Galveston County residents help us relay and preserve it through their donations of artifacts from different eras.

How to know if your item is worth taking to the museum:

If you are unsure about the item you wish to donate, think about if your potential artifact satisfies any of these 3 criteria:

1. The potential artifact should tell a story that can be elaborated through research.

2. Ideally, the item should be at least 50 years or older. Newer items are collected if they are connected to the long-term story of Galveston.

3. Items donated should have a connection to Galveston County.

Regardless, don’t hesitate to stop by the Museum and talk to us about your donation! Anything is an artifact if it helps us tell the broader story of Galveston County.

Contact Jodi Wright-Gidley, the museum director at to make a donation today!

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